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At Last Lagos State Shuts Markets

By Sola Adeyemi, Asst News Editor

As if taking a queue from the National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the Lagos State ggovernment has announced the lock down of all non-essential markets in the state, as part of its cocktail of safety measures against the coronavirus pandemic.
This means that only markets selling essentals like food and medical items will open.
The governor gave the directive at a press conference on the COVID-19 situation in the state on Tuesday.
He said Lagos could not afford a total lock down because of the economic implication but measures needed to be put in place to check the spread of the virus.
“Here in Lagos, we have seen a significant jump in our numbers from 19 as at the last time I addressed you on Sunday, to 28 as at today’s briefing. This shows that our numbers are increasing as predicted, but we are also proactively and promptly tracking, isolating and managing the suspected cases, ” the governor explained
Recall that Tinubu had suggested a total lockdown in Lagos State in view of the increasing COVID-19 pandemic.
This came even as he commended the preventive measures being taken by the Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu so far to stop the spread of COVID-19 within the state.
He spoke on Tuesday after a private meeting with Sanwo-Olu at the State House in Marina.
Tinubu said Sanwo-Olu had shown leadership in the implementation of the response strategy to manage confirmed cases coronavirus infection and tracing of suspected cases, even beyond the borders of the state.
Tinubu, described coronavirus as a “mysterious enemy,” saying leaders across the globe were in for a “challenging period” as they take actions on a daily basis to combat the ravaging epidemic.
According to him: “First of all, I congratulate the Government of Lagos State for what has been done so far and the regular information that the Government is sharing with the public. This is the essence of leadership. Nigerians need a lot of education in this challenging period.
“I congratulate the Governor (Sanwo-Olu), for the fact that he asked the workers to stay at home to discontinue the chain of transmission. We must respect this order and obey the government. We endorse the position of the Governor. Let people stay at home in period and pray in their houses.”
Tinubu said he would be in support of furthermore stringent measures, suggesting a total lockdown in the state to stop the epidemic.
“If the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (UK) could lock down the city of London, the APC leader said there would be nothing strange if Lagos Government took a similar decision.
“I can’t pre-empt what the Governor would be doing next. But, whatever decision he takes, he has our support. We have reviewed the previous measures with him and he has also reviewed it with his team. We have confidence in the team; whatever they say, we will comply.”
Tinubu said the people must embrace the new culture of social distancing to break the cycle of transmission, noting that actions being introduced against COVID-19 would teach people the lesson of keeping hygienic at all times.
He particularly advised students and market women to heed the Government’s directive, stressing that their activities must help the nation to win the battle against the disease.
“The activities in the market must reflect the new culture; we all must obey the Government. Having to restrict hugging and family excitement doesn’t mean we don’t love one another. We do, but we have to prevent the spread of a mysterious disease that is our common enemy,” Tinubu said.
He hailed all religious leaders who obeyed the directive of the Government on public gatherings and also disseminated information about COVID-19 to their followers.
Tinubu also urged members of the public to heed the directives issued by the government and tasked them to maintain personal hygiene in order to protect their fellow patriots.

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