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Boko Haram Regroups In Nasarawa, Gov Sule Cries Out

By Musa Ude, Asst. News Editor

Nasarawa State Governor, Abdulahi Sule, has raised alarm that members of Boko Haram dislodged from a location along the Abuja/Nasarawa borders last year, have regrouped at the Nasarawa/Benue State borders.

The governor said the activities of the dreaded group coupled with that of bandits who reportedly killed seven soldiers in the state on Monday, have created a tensed situation.

While speaking to reporters, after briefing President Muhammadu Buhari, He explained that some of the Boko Haram elements active in the Nasarawa State belong to the Darussalam group that was dislodged from Niger State.

Sia he “We thank the security forces that they have been able to dislodge them, but now, they have gone back and gathered at our border with Benue and they are causing a lot of havoc.

“Therefore, it (this meeting) was an opportunity as Mr. President wanted to know, and I briefed him. I strongly believe that just like decision was taken last time to take care of this issue, another decision will be taken.”

When asked how he was certain that the criminals he was talking about were Boko Haram and not bandits, the governor said: “First and foremost, it was easy for us to know who these people are.

“If you remember, they used to gather at a place called Utu in Toto Local Government Area (LGA). When I came here the last time, I appealed to Mr. President.

“Then, the department of State Services (DSS), the Police, the Air Force, and the Army had a joint operation and they were able to dislodge them.

“When they dislodged them, a lot of them were killed. Some of them ran away and left members of their families. We took hostage about 900 members of their families in Lafia, including children and wives.

“The Special Forces, which we have in Doma, Nasarawa State, took the hostages. A lot of interrogations were done and most of them confirmed that they were indeed Boko Haram. In fact, they gave us the name of the person who used to be like the second-in-command to Shekau.

“So, during the interrogation, they confirmed themselves that they were indeed Boko Haram. Some of them said they were remnants of Darussalam group that were dislodged from Niger. They came, merged, and became Boko Haram. That is how we got our confirmation that they were indeed Boko Haram. They said it themselves.”

Recall that there were reports this week that seven soldiers were killed in the state during an attack by bandits only last Monday.

The soldiers were allegedly ambushed in a forest along Mararaba/Udege road in Nasarawa Local Government Area.

They were on a

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